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Old Time Way

January 25, 2010


Welcome to Old Time Way. Chuck and Peggy Patrick started living with the land in 1974 . This was the beginning of a long journey that carried them away into the Alaskan bush with their young children and eventually brought them back south to the Great Smokey Mountains, where they are now. Chuck and Peggy Patrick are still on the farm that they moved onto and began building back up after it had lay dormant for almost 20 years. Living this life has given them time and need to gain and hone many life skills. Some of the skills that will be highlighted are blacksmithing, and particularly knife making, white oak and river cane basketry, tanning leather, bead working, shoe making, and reveling in old time music.

Chuck and Peggy Patrick teach skills ,demonstrate, and entertain, as well as offering a collection of hand made knives, river cane and white oak baskets, beaded buckskin clothing, sheaths beaded bags, and soon , more music cds. (sold out reproducing)

Chuck and Peggy Patrick have been awarded the title Blue Ridge National Heritage  Area Traditional Artists. To find out more about this , go to the link  on this page.

You can contact Chuck and Peggy Patrick at or leave a comment here, with an email.